Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ride 'Em Cowboy!

There's a new Sheriff in town, so you better walk the line! 'Cause this bad boy isn't putting up with any grief. Armed with his sippy, and ready to fight off them bad guys.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Go Hawks!

So most of you know what a huge Iowa football fan Chip is, but since we don't really live close to Iowa, he really doesn't get to go to any games. Well, he determined that it was high time for Keegan and I to attend our first hawkeye game, and since they were going to be playing IU, we decided it was the perfect time to go. I have to admit, I didn't know how much fun I was going to have (I'm not the big football fan that Chip is). Surprisingly enough, I had a blast! I totally got into the game!
We sat right by the Iowa section. High fives were all around!

My two favorite Hawkeyes

Keegan and I decked out in our Hawkeye apparel.

The final score... We pretty much crushed them.

The team coming over to the stands after their big win.... very exciting! Chip might've converted me into a die-hard Hawk fan..... well... probably not :)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


We started out in Michigan, then headed down to West Virginia. It was great to see family, but after about 12 days of fun and travel, I'm truly worn out.

Keegan looks a little confused, like he knows that something is just not quite right, he's just not sure what...... such a stinker :)
Keegan and Pappaw are quite the playmates.

Keegan was just absolutely tickled to be eating at Logan's. Can you blame him?

Keegan with Grammy and Pappaw. He picked right up with them like we had never left!

Chip and I celebrated our 5 year anniverserary by letting my parents watch Keegan for a couple of days and heading for the mountains. It was beautiful! It was nice to be able to spend some uninterupted time with my best friend! It's just amazing how much I love this guy!

What could be more fun than jumping on the bed at Mamaw and Pappaw's house!

My sister's little boy, Luke.. the way he is ALL the time! This is by far the happiest little boy I've ever encountered.

I met my cousin's new baby, Caden Thomas for the first time. He was just a doll!
Keegan and Lydia (my sister's oldest)
with the "Old Navy dog". Does anybody else's kids love this thing?

My family... There is actually a very funny story behind this picture. We had just finished eating and decided to get a picture all together outside the restaurant. We took a couple of pictures, and then talked for a bit. Then we all filed into our separate cars and headed home. When we were almost home, Kyle (my brother) called and was quite frustrated.... He was still at the restaurant! If you look at the picture, Kyle is not in it! We had taken two pictures, then stood and around and chatted for a while, and nobody noticed Kyle was no where around. We all felt a tad bit sheepish when Kyle finally got home.