Saturday, July 5, 2008

Purple skin, and pink hair!

I have always heard all these mother's talk about all of these horrible things that their kids got into, and have always sort of prided myself that Keegan has never really gotten into anything too bad. Well, I can now say that the phrase "pride cometh before the fall" is very true!

Keegan figured out how to get the lid off of the black Wilton icing coloring that I accidentally knocked out of my cupboard without knowing it. By the time I realized that this terrible thing was happening, he had dumped the whole bottle on the floor, rubbed it all in his hair, all over his legs and feet, and all over his high chair. I suceeded in cleaning up the mess everywhere, but Keegan had purplish skin, and pink hair for a few days.
I gotta say though, the punk rocker look did kind of grow on me!

I think it's about time to blog!

I know, I know! It has been forever since I've blogged. It's been very, very busy! Well, I'll get to what everyone is really interested in, the Pictures!
We took Keegan to his very first Cardinal's game. To my surprise, Keegan loved it! He sat through the whole thing, and even watched some of it!

Gotta love that cotton candy!

We took Keegan to the cincinatti zoo. He just loved the "kitties"

The next time we go to the zoo, we'll pick a cooler day. Most of the animals were hiding in the shade. Keegan really enjoyed pointing out all of the trees though! lol

I'm still not really sure if I enjoyed the whole "bird on the shoulder" experience.

Keegan got to spend time with his cousin Lydia in West Virginia.
As you can see, Keegan not quite as affectionate with her as she is with him.

My beatiful little sister, Aubrey, graduated from high school!
Congrats, sis! I love you a ton!