Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I decided it was high time for a family portrait... little did I know how stressful of a thing this would be! I went to literally EVERY shopping store in the city of Columbus & finally found a shirt in the right shade of blue for Keegan at the LAST place I went..... Then came home to find out that Chip had accidentally shaved off one of his sideburns (not sure how one can do this, but he did)... My normally very laid back baby girl decided to scream & scream & scream & scream while I was trying to get everyone ready.
We finally were out the door and on our way with my nerves barely in tact. We arrived and preceded to spend the next hour practically standing on our heads, frantically yelling out "SAY CHEESE" to Keegan. At one point he finally burst into tears while still saying "cheese"... All the while making sure that Chip was turned at the right angle so that you couldn't see his "missing" sideburn!
But when it was all said and done Jenny did a GREAT job, and the experience was totally worth it!