Sunday, August 23, 2009

Big Bows and Big Smiles

Such a Super.Happy.Little.Girl!!

Monday, August 3, 2009


So it seems I've let myself get a little behind on my blogging... having a new little one around will do that to ya :) Here is little bit of what our month of July was like.....

Keegan and Saige are the best of buddies! He absolutely ADORES her!

Please excuse the breakfast on Keegan's chin... going to get a rag would've totally ruined the moment. :)

I'm just lovin' this BUMBO seat! Not only does she look adorable in it.. it's SO convenient!

She smiles! Didn't this picture just make your day! Chip and I will make the goofiest noises and faces for a whole 10 minutes just to see one of these priceless smiles!

My beautiful girl has struggled with a very ugly rash! It's slowly getting better.. but Mommy does NOT like it!

We made a trip to Louisiana for Bennett and Jennifer's wedding, and afterwards stopped by New Orleans... definitely an interesting place to visit!

Keegan was so excited to go on the swamp tour and see the "Madigators"

And there it is! The scary "Madigator"

This is what Saige did pretty much the entire trip... She did great!

We took a trip to the Indy Zoo.. fun stuff!

Keegan, for some odd reason has developed a fear of bears. For weeks now he has become convinced that a shadow on the wall in his room is a bear. So we usually spend the latter part of each evening trying to convince Keegan that there are "no bears in our house" So, needless to say, we had no idea how he was going to react to seeing a real bear. As you can see in this picture he was a little aprehensive at first, but eventally he LOVED them... he kept wanting to go back and see them again. So now at bedtime we just tell him that all the bears are at the zoo, so he has no worries :)

The seals just tickled him sily!

The "Podar Bear" was by far Keegan's favorite!
So this is July in a nutshell... it's been busy, but