Sunday, June 7, 2009

Discoveries I've made about myself during this 9 months of Pregnancy...

1. I'm Apparently Not Very "Hormonal"
You always hear about the constant crying of a pregnant woman. I keep waiting for this "river of tears" to make an appearance... but it's just not there... and doesn't seem to be coming.
Instead... I find myself laughing about EVERYTHING!
And that Bouncy Belly Laugh that I now possess makes me laugh even harder!

2. My Belly Has AMAZING stretching capabilities
As you can see from pictures in previous posts, my belly has grown to unbelievable heights unknown to most bellies! Yet.. somehow has managed to do this without a single stretch mark.
This Blows My Mind! I just hope it also has an amazing capability of shrinking!

3. I still "LOVE" being pregant... well.. sort of, anyway
After having Keegan, I was one of those strange women who walked around saying they just "LOVED" being pregant.
Well.... this pregancy has changed my mind... just a little.
I still do... minus month 8 & 9

4. I can be sad & unbelievably excited and happy at the same time
I'm not sure if this makes sense...
I find myself almost sad that phase in our life is almost over.
Never again will it just be "Mommy, Daddy & Keegan"
But then at the same time I am so excited about this little 4th addition to our family. Although it seems impossible right now to love anyone else as much as I love my Keegeroos.... I just know that at first glance my heart will have just as much of a "stretching capability" as this belly of mine :)

5. I'm not quite as patient as I always thought I was!
I don't really have much to say about this, except.... this baby seems to be taking

Saturday, June 6, 2009

38 Weeks

Everywhere I go I get comments...
"Your gonna pop"
"When are you due?"
"You poor thing.. you look miserable"
"Awww, look... she waddles"

I know people.... I'm HUGE!